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Evaluating Interference in Wireless LANs: Recommended Practice

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An assessment of the impact potential interferers can have, the characteristics of interfering signals, and the techniques that any enterprise can use to better understand, evaluate and manage interference.

Interference remains a core concern among wireless LAN (WLAN) users, network administrators, and operations staff alike. After all, the potential for interference is a fact of life in the unlicensed bands where WLANs operate, and, even worse, it is often very difficult to evaluate the effects of interference on a particular wireless-LAN (WLAN) installation at any given moment in time.

This technical note, written by the Farpoint Group, outlines the issue of interference and details a developed core set of recommendations for evaluating and dealing with the interference challenge. It is important that interference at least be on the radar screens of network managers today, as it is likely to become an issue in almost every installation in the future.

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